This course is an introduction to basic painting, although all levels of experience are welcome. The primary goal of this course is to develop students' painting skills through constant exploration of visual perception. Assignments address the use of both acrylic and oil paint to create dynamic compositions that incorporate elements such as depth of field, line, texture, linear perspective, and illusion – while students gain knowledge to better understand light and the interaction of color. Students enhance their levels of perception as they learn color theory. No grade can compete with the gift that comes from intuitive color mixing. Through assignments and presentations by the instructor, students gain knowledge, inspiration, and appreciation for art history and from artists working today. All students receive individual feedback from the instructor and further engage with classmates during studio time and the critiquing process. Repeatable for credit.

Meeting Times:

Three periods per week including lab, or two 90-minute lab blocks.

School: NCSSM Residential (Durham)

Dept: Humanities

Subject: Art

Credits: This course does not count towards students' required 5 enrollments per semester. Students earn general elective credit.