Art and Technology: AR4320

This studio art course asks students to expand on their definition of art to include technology as a platform for creativity. Students will be introduced to the resources in NCSSM's FabLab and our Creative Technology Lab (CTL), which houses a Virtual Reality Painting Studio, and to a variety of other digital applications and equipment. Students spend the first half the semester completing small art objects based on prompts given after instructor and peer led creative technology tutorials via FabLab, CTL equipment and digital applications. Students will have the opportunity to further develop their skills on their choice of state-of-the-art equipment while bringing their creative ideas into existence. The goal of this course is to develop and expand on creative skills and construct innovative work of arts. Through slide presentations, readings and class discussions, students will gain knowledge and appreciation of art history while becoming more familiar with artists who are working with groundbreaking methods and materials. This course was created to help students engage in the growing field of art and technology. Repeatable for credit.

Meeting Times:

Three periods per week including lab, or two 90-minute lab blocks.

School: NCSSM Residential (Durham)

Dept: Humanities

Subject: Art

Term(s) Currently Offered: Trimester1, Trimester2, Trimester3

Credits: This course does not count towards students' required 5 enrollments per semester. Students earn general elective credit.