Drawing is the foundation of all art studio practices and is highly recommended as a prerequisite for all other art courses. A creative mind is increasingly sought out in every professional career track as art elements and design concepts are interdisciplinary. This course is taught to nurture creative and critical thinking, increase visual communication skills, and reacquaint the student with the "artist within." No experience is necessary! All students receive individual feedback from the instructor and further engage with classmates during studio time and the critiquing process. Through traditional drawing exercises with pencil, charcoal, and ink, students gain creative applications to better interpret reality and respond to their aesthetic values. In addition to in-class drawing assignments, all students are given a sketchbook to heighten their observation skills while building a visual vocabulary and further documenting their time at NCSSM. Repeatable for credit.

Meeting Times:

Three periods per week including lab or two 100-minute evening class meetings.

School: NCSSM Residential (Durham)

Dept: Humanities

Subject: Art

Credits: This course does not count towards students' required 5 enrollments per semester. Students earn general elective credit.