Advanced Drawing: Darya Bernard

Advanced Drawing: Annie Chen

Below: Caroline Zhang in studio

Advanced Drawing: Alice Zhao

Advanced Painting: Caroline Zhang

Advanced Painting: Lilah Craig

Advanced Painting: Isabella Gamez

Advanced PAINTING: AR4500

Advanced Drawing: AR4510

Advanced Studio Art: AR4520

These largely self-paced advanced art course allows students the opportunity and time needed to further develop their artistic skills and techniques. Students are encouraged to focus on completing a cohesive body of work exploring concepts on a deeper level of visual comprehension to engage their viewers. Emphasis is placed on creating more complex visual and written artists statements while further developing their technical competence and critical thinking skills. Students create an independent body of work and demonstrate their ability to speak professionally about their art. In addition to studio time, this course includes a semester sketchbook assignment, written artist statements, at least two formal art critiques, and one written paper. Students are expected to have mature time-management skills and a healthy work ethic if considering this advanced art course. The three advanced courses are combined adding further diversity of mediums and concepts used to meet course expectations. All students meet once weekly in small group sessions to share progress and gain individual feedback from the instructor. Students are otherwise expected to work independently. This course may be repeated for credit.

Meeting Times:

One period per week (with instructor) and two 90-100 minute weekly blocks dedicated to creative development.

School: NCSSM Residential (Durham)

Dept: Humanities

Subject: Art

Credits: This course does not count towards students' required 5 enrollments per semester. Students earn general elective credit.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of previous NCSSM art course and permission of the Dean of Humanities.