Art, Technology, and Comuting: CS4070/AR4070

This course asks students to expand on their definition of art to include technology as a platform for creativity. Students will be introduced to the resources in NCSSM's FabLab and our Creative Technology Lab, which houses a Virtual Reality Painting Studio, and to a variety of other digital applications and equipment. Students will also learn electronics and programming to enable the use of the Arduino electronic platform to sense the environment and respond with light, sound, and motion. Students will further develop their programming skills while bringing their creative ideas into existence. The goal of this course is to use technology and programming as a platform for creativity while developing innovative ideas and works of art with interactive components. Through slide presentations, readings, and class discussions, students will gain knowledge and appreciation of art history while becoming more familiar with artists who are working with groundbreaking methods and materials. Students will also keep a sketchbook to document their ideas and expand on their visual articulations of form. Programming concepts such as objects, variables, functions, conditional logic, and iteration are taught in the context of artistic expression.

Meeting Times:

Three periods per week including two 90-minute lab blocks.

School: NCSSM Residential (Durham)

Dept: Engineering and Computer Science

Subject: Computer Science

Credits: This course counts towards your required 5 enrollments per semester. This course meets the following graduation requirements: Engineering and Computer Science Requirement.